Porsche’s digital revolution

When we say “Porsche”, we mean an elegant, charismatic car that benefits sports, but the new vector, aimed at new trends in the automotive industry, is supported and developed by Porsche AG.

The future is not far off. From 2019, Porsche will engage in the battle for the championship Formula E. And in this very near future, the car will inevitably be integrated into the global communications network. Today’s digital technology is widely used in modern cars, but all those who work on Porsche, from a private engineer to Oliver Blum, say:

“Yes, we must be in line with the general trends, be in the trend, but our customers will always be pleased from driving a Porsche car.”

Porsche automaker continues to increase investment in start-ups

German manufacturer of cars Porsche AG will increase investments in start-ups working with blockchain and artificial intelligence. The amount posted on the site of the company is EUR 150 million and is designed for 5 years:


Deputy сhairman of the Porsche AG board of directors Lutz Mieschke noted that the company should “fundamentally change its business model” in order to succeed in the future:

“To date, innovations are largely provided by technologies. They have strong links with our current core competencies, so it is vital to create a reliable ecosystem with competent partners.”

This growth is needed to gain access to new trends, technologies and business models. Investments will be distributed among companies and used in advanced technologies, including blockchain and virtual reality.

Invested start-ups

Recently, Porsche, in collaboration with the Berlin-based start-up XAIN, has begun testing the blockchain technology in the cars Porsche Panamera. The company uses distributed registry technology to manage a database of vintage cars.

Porsche also invested in FastRay, which develops and manufactures holographic technologies for displaying the mainstream technologies of expanded reality, and is working on the ability to integrate virtual objects into manageability.

Then a minority shareholding in one more Berlin-based start-up Gapless presented the latest investments developed by Porsche. This new company allows its customers to digitally manage their old cars, including the entire history of the vehicle, and allows to safely transfer this information to other users.

Other startup that Porsche is investing in is Miles that is situated in Silicon Valley and rewards users for traveling every day by different modes of transport.

Porsche Digital Lab

In the photo above, there is no remarkable building in Berlin, where part of the work on the projects of the digital future Porsche is being implemented. In fact, it is a general cloud network, which is the embodiment of Industry 4.0., network that connects both employees and robotized sites, and central warehouse, and logistics structures through the central server.

Porsche Digital Lab was created in partnership with a subsidiary of Porsche MHP. The last one is responsible for integration, application management and business solutions. And Porsche Digital Lab is responsible for introducing digital technologies at Porsche enterprises, but Porsche Digital GmbH is engaged in the digital present and future of Porsche cars themselves, which will be integrated into the general ecosystem. And this is a job directly oriented to the client.

Porsche Digital GmbH

Porsche Digital GmbH is a subsidiary of Porsche AG, which manages, assesses trends and invests, thus providing access to relevant technologies to identify and implement new value creation strategies and innovative digital assortments. The company works closely with all departments of Porsche AG, the Porsche Digital subsidiary of sports car manufacturers in Stuttgart sees itself as an interface between Porsche and innovators around the world.

Thilo Koslowski, head of Porsche Digital GmbH, says:

“You have to experience incredible emotions and feel delight, just taking up a place behind the wheel. These impressions we want to complement with the digital component.”

The company is based in Ludwigsburg but there are other departments in Berlin and Santa Clara in Silicon Valley, department in Asia is temporary planned.

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