POS vs Blockchain

There is a certain correlation between POS systems and blockchain, which can exist together. For example, there is a shortage of enterprises that accept a digital currency as a fee. If more companies had the opportunity to take bitcoin, it could encourage consumers to start receiving and wasting it, and vice versa:


The easiest way to accept bitcoin payments is to personally, simply by sending your correct BTC amount to your digital wallet. This is similar to the idea of ​​this as a monetary calculation.


A Burger Bear customer who uses a simple QR code system to accept a bitcoin fee

This can be done with many smartphone applications, such as Andreas Schildbach’s Bitcoin Wallet on Android. There are also options available in the Windows Phone store for users of this OS.


A few months ago, Apple seized all of its wallet from its App Store. However, on June 2, the company canceled this policy by re-routeing applications to iOS devices. They are already beginning to appear, Blockchain, Coinbase and others are now available.


Another alternative is the CoinBox, which is specifically designed for sellers who want a direct way to receive payments. In these scenarios, the trader introduces the price of the product or service to the phone, which then represents the QR code containing the amount that you will need to pay and the address to which the funds are sent. The client scans the QR code using the program for the Bitcoin Trash, and the payment is sent.

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All these simple systems are ideal for small businesses that check bitcoins or those who make odd jobs in small volumes. Larger companies are likely to look for an exclusive solution that will respond to existing POS systems.


Commercial Bitcoin POS Solutions


Also, a growing number of commercial options are aimed at simplifying the billing process. The following services offer various POS solutions for merchants both online and offline.



Coinify, a Danish firm that acquired BIPS and Coinzone, offers POS solutions for brick and grocery stores.




CoinKite is a new launch that offers a bitcoin payment terminal, similar to terminals with a lot of chips and PINs, which we are so accustomed to using in stores today.




Coinbase is another payment processor provided by the Retail Sales Store (Android) for brick and mortar retailers.




BitPay is an international billing process for businesses and charities.


Blockchain Merchant

Blockchain Merchant promises instant transactions, 0% payment and has multiple language versions for worldwide use.




Revel Systems offers a range of POS solutions for fast service restaurants, self-service stalls, grocery stores and outlets, among other dealers.




The launch in Germany of BitXatm has announced the arrival of its Sumo Pro – cash machine crypto exchange system with a POS function (trade mark), which will appeal to sellers who seek easy to accept payments from customers in digital currencies.




California-based online payment processor PayStand offers websites and mobile-based applications based on the US one more way to accept payments such as electronic checking, credit cards and bitcoin.


Coin of sale

The new Bitcoin POS system, the Coin of Sale, is trying to make it easier for merchants to accept bikini payments for goods and services.




XBTerminal provides a bitcoin POS device that allows merchants to make payments from any mobile bitbox with NFC or QR code.




With bitcoin, you can opt out of the CPU or payment provider fee and simply integrate payments into your own system.



Bitcoin Point of Sale apps for Android and iOS allow Businesses to accept Bitcoin payments on a mobile device.  Bitcoin Point of Sale web app can be accessed from any internet enabled device directly in a web browser.



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